About Us

Welcome to Mtn Girl Tees!! Couldn't be more excited to have you here!

Mtn Girl Tees was created to spread a few smiles and celebrate all of you incredible adventurers out there making things happen. Really, you are incredible. The determination, perseverance, willingness to take risks, and ability to make amazing things happen is worth celebrating! Since we can't give huge high fives to all the mountain girls in person, we felt spreading some cheer and hoorays in the form of comfy, good for adventuring clothes was a good second option.

We're a fun bunch over here who are die hard mountain lovers (growing up in Colorado, living in Washington, Utah, and California will do that to a person), and are always up for a random adventure. When we're not out finding new trails, we're chasing our four kids around (including twin toddlers. Whew, good thing we like adventure!)  

If you ever have any questions, need advice on best wine pairings, or just want to chat - we're here! Keep on moving those mountains and we'll see you on the trails!